Working with Agencies and helping you scale your business.

We're UK-based and usually work with agencies as an overflow for their existing development team. Web developers who specialize in Shopify platforms offer us an edge over our competitors because they know what it takes to get things done quickly and correctly!

Promotes quick and accurate development work.

Our developers are flexible and can help with one-off tasks and also support with full site builds. We realise that sites often need to be built quickly in order to make a project viable, and our team is geared up and ready to support that.

Design services are also offered

We can make a Shopify store look and feel like your own. We do this by customizing the design, layout, colours, logos or fonts to ensure that it fits in with your branding and marketing strategy. We are also available for support, with our team of Shopify developers happy to answer any questions clients have about the process.

What are some of the benefits to working with a Shopify developer?

We are a local specialist of Shopify, and offer a range of services, including:

  • Cliency is a small team of web developers who work with agencies as needed.
  • Create new websites faster than anyone else.
  • Make it easier for your staff or agency to find that elusive developer they need in a pinch.
  • Online portfolio showcasing some of our projects.

Talk to our team today to discuss how we can support your business by getting onto a powerful and effective e-commerce platform with our Shopify experts in Woking.

We are Cliency

You've got a major project coming down the pipeline, but you're already at capacity. What do you do? You can't afford to bring on more team members because that would mean taking away from other projects- which leaves you with no options. But here's the good news: there is an option! UK-based Shopify developers could be your answer! They specialize in Shopify platforms and have an edge over competitors because they know what it takes to get things done quickly and correctly.

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